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Governing body to support & promote Sports in India.


Even after 71 years of independence India’s development in sporting talent remains below par. Sports like Athletics, Swimming, Gymnastics, Tennis, football, volleyball, basketball including hockey are crying for attention. A country of 1.25 billion manages just about a few medals and pales in comparison to much smaller countries.

Despite large budget allocations for development of sports, we continue to grope for solutions. India needs to build and sustain a robust system for identifying and nurturing talent, where merit alone drives excellence. We must provide recognition and rewards for those who contribute in the enrichment program in any way to incentivize further contributions.

Most of our future champions are in schools today and it is here that we need to proactively scout for talent, nurture and prepare them to participate and bring India its due glory in international events.

Building a sports centric atmosphere in schools not only imbibes values of hard work, focus, dignity and respect for others and their space, but also is also essential in building physical wellness programs in schools

We need to act NOW. It is with this strong resolve to put India on the world map in sports, that we launch National Talent – Search & Nurture program, an annual feature that will progressively cover a wide spectrum of team and individual sports.

The GSFI aims to encourage sports all over the country, thus allowing the population to harness the power of sports through its cross-cutting influence, namely holistic development of children and youth, community development, social integration, gender equality, healthy lifestyle, national pride and economic opportunities related to sports development.

The “Galactic Sports Federation (India)”, which governs the all sports in  India, aims to drive growth of all Galactic games across India in an inclusive and holistic fashion. India is at an inflexion point and is widely acknowledged as the fastest growing country in Sports. At this point, It is imperative to establish near-team goals and an implementation strategy to realize sport’s immense potential. With the help of inputs from various stakeholders over the past year, we have developed the Federation’s first-ever 4-year strategy plan, which will build an efficient sports ecosystem and pave the way for competitive success at the international stage. GSFI’s core values of professionalism, team-work and inclusivity are integral to the strategic plan, which will act as a road-map and draw on existing programs, systems and processes, together with a suite of new initiatives aimed at achieving GSFI’s vision of All Olympic & Non-Olympic plus Galactic games development. The plain comprises of 13, key clearly described and inclusive effect in Indian society. As a valued member of the GSFI community we look forward to your support in implementing these initiatives to ensure India remains steadfast on the road of sport development.

Aacharya Subhash Chander Director, GSFI Board



“India to stand out as a nation of champions where Winning is a habit, Sporting Talent is encouraged and Success is promoted and celebrated across wide range of sport”


  • Identify, Coordinate and Improve usage of existing sports infrastructure

  • Identify resources, support and coaches in each sport

  • Launch a number of sports tournaments to scout for talent at all levels

  • Arrange to provide coaching at district, state and national level

  • Create and build teams at all platforms, including the national and international level. 

Our Values

The GSFI’s action and people are guided by the following values:

  • Fairness and Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Accountability
  • Teamwork
  • Respct for diversity
  • Commitment to the global game and its great spirit
  • Providing a world class enviorment for players.

Key Stakeholders

State Associations

Efficiently manage and implement various state level and national initiatives with GSFI support.


Infrastructure development and support to National Teams.


Improved management and organizational structure, build infrastructure and strong youth development programs.


Support and promote Olympic & paralympic games and players in India.

Working Organizations 

Support across domains and activities leveraging existing 

Players, Coaches, Referees & Fans

Participation, self development, feedback and support for improvement.

The successful implementation of the Strategic Plan will be aided significantly by the support of GSFI’s stakeholders. Many stakeholders including the state associations, state and central governments, clubs, schools, organizations, NGOs, partners, media. Players and fans will be involved for the successful development of Indian Olympic Games.

The strategic goals are structured to be inclusive and can only be achieved and benefitted from by a collaborative effort between various stakeholders. GSFI has identified the scope of activities under the purview of each stakeholder to ensure a greater clarity of roles.

One Nation One Sound India – India 

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